Yard Art Tour

Cost: FREE I think (as of May 2014)
Location: All over
Website: http://www.austinartyards.com/ (Not updated since 2012)

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not actually done this yet. This is all conjecture.

This is a collection of houses around Austin where the owners have shown a bit of their Austin side. I haven’t checked out any of these yet, but I shall get back to you on whether these all still exist or not


As Above So Below Bridge – 402 El Paso Street
Smutt Putt Heaven – 509 Gate Tree Lane
West Lynn Gorilla – 710 West Lynn Street
Comfort Yard For a Comfort House – 515 Kemp Street
Ira Poole’s Classic – 2400 MLK
The Tree of Tooth – 3404 Kirby Lane
Alleycat – 1401 Corona Drive
Sparky Texas – 3701 Grooms Street
Jim Hates Work – 208 W North Loop Blvd
Yellowball – 2212 Alta Vista

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