What Is This Site?


I moved to Austin back in July of 2013 hoping to find a world of occult and strangeness. There was a bit of it here and there, but for the most part it seems Austin has been drifting into the realm of the norm. “Locals” (whatever that may mean) tend to agree, and often their mating call can be heard : “It’s not as weird as it used to be!”

I never knew Leslie Cochran, and no one celebrated Leslie Day this year (declared in March 8th, 2012 and since never recognized), but I don’t like to sit idle while unseemly things become more rare.

So I created this site to track what there is to do in Austin that is interesting, even those things that may not deserve to be recognized.

Maybe some day someone will help me organize a Leslie Day Parade.

But let me also note that I recognize Austin is changing, and that cannot be prevented. I just hope that we can have the weird culture grow with this city.

What I hope to achieve

There are two main goals:

– Promote/Sustain Weirdness

– Provide a comprehensive/concise/updated list of things to do

How to Navigate

The site is a set of posts divided into two main categories: Weird and Less Weird. Those items are further divided into the following categories when appropriate:

Anual Event
Repeating Event
Road Trip

And then the posts are tagged according to whether I personally have experienced each item myself – Verified or Unverified