Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cost: $5 for the movie, $3 shit bags (as of May 2014)
Location: 2700 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just a movie. No, it’s more of an experience. No… not even that. RHPS is a lifestyle. The cult of cult movies, the shake to your bake, the answer to life… ITSELF.

Get your funky sex clothes on and snap your gloves, you’re going to Rocky Horror. If you’ve never seen the show in a theatrical setting, you’re a virgin AND DON’T YOU FUCKING DENY IT. You need to go through the “introduction” just like all other virgins.

I love this movie, and I’ve seen it more times than any other movie (even Indiana Jones, which is crazy amIright?). I’ve seen it in so many locations around the states, and the Queerios production is pretty damn good.


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