Peter Pan Miniature Golf

Cost: $6 for one course, $9 for both sides (as of May 2014)
Location: Peter Pan Miniature Golf, 1207 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX

This is a BYOB Miniature Golf course. This means that instead of keeping score, you just take a drink for every putt, and then you get hella drunk and everyone wins! Ok, that may be dangerous. Might want to restrict it to just taking a drink every time you get the ball in the hole or if you hit it off the course. Come up with your own drinking games and post them in the comments.

Meanwhile you’ll be amazed! Astounded! Nostalgized! with all of the tacky statues around the course. Unfortunately the courses aren’t always interactive with the obstacles, but they’re still fun.

Pro tip: No glass containers! Bring only canned beer (or put it in a leather glove or whatever, you sick person)

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