Museum of Ephemerata

Cost: Donation requested (as of April 2014)
Location: 1808 Singleton Ave, Austin, TX 78702

This museum is an incredible gem of Austin that not many know about. This family has opened an exhibition of their collected treasures from around the world, and share the wonderful stories behind each item with their patrons. This ranges from Marilyn Monroe’s last smoked cigarette, to pieces of the tallest ferris wheel from the 1893 World Fair, to haunted underpants. It’s seriously the best museum I’ve ever been to (even better than the Ramen Museum in Japan). I even donated a piece of my own personal travels to them – a leaf from the Bodhi Tree where Buddha was enlightened under.

I applaud these folks for providing such an incredible assortment of treasure to the public. Please give them all your money.

Pro tip: Call them to make an appointment – don’t just show up randomly.

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