Hippie Hollow Beach

Cost: $10 + $5 per vehicle (cheaper if you bike/walk) (as of May 2014)
Location: 7000 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX 78732
Website: http://www.hippiehollow.com/

The last thing you’d expect to find in the conservative south, and the first thing you’d expect in Austin: A nude beach. Now I have heard varying accounts on what to expect here. Some say it’s full of old perverted men, which is what to expect at any nude beach. But other’s I’ve spoken with say it’s a very nice mix of all people, which I would hope to find on the day I go there. We’ll just have to see, and I’ll update this entry once I know!

Meanwhile, BE FREEEEEE

Pro tip: Remember that you’ll have to put your keys somewhere. Somewhere hygienic preferably.

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