Drag Queen Bingo

Cost: Supposedly no cost
Location: Rain on 4th, 217 W. 4th St., Austin, Texas 78701
Website: http://www.gayinaustintexas.com/shitty-kitty-drag-queen-bingo-rain-on-4th/http://rebeccahavemeyer.com/http://www.rainon4th.com/

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not actually done this yet. This is all conjecture.

This sounds great. Drag Queens + Bingo = Excellent combination. Let’s see, what jokes can be made about balls here… I hope the host grabs your balls! That should be sufficient.

Although I’m confused because sometimes it seems this is hosted at Rain, and sometimes at Maria’s Taco Xpress? Maybe there are two Drag Queen Bingo events… I suppose you can never have enough!

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