Chicken Shit Bingo

Cost: $2 for a ticket, $2 Lonestar (as of April 2014)
Location: Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, 5434 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX

Following the well established tradition of betting money on animals, Austin has one of the best ways to spend your Sundays in a small crowded bar up off North Burnett. A chicken is put in a cage on top of a table with a grid of numbers and feed strewn over the top. People buy tickets with numbers matching those on the grid (with an extra two for “on-the-line” and “intersection”), gather around the table, and intently stare at a chicken, trying uselessly to encourage it to strut over to where it’s asshole is positioned right above their lucky number. At some point, maybe 5 minutes from the start, maybe 30 minutes later, magic happens as the chicken reliably poops onto to the table, and the lucky winner scores a whopping $100.

Oh did we mention free chilli dogs? Also, bring your own lawn chairs because this tiny dive bar fills up quickly and the crowd generally pours out into the adjacent parking lot.

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