Bats on Congress Bridge

Cost: Free unless you are suckered into a cruise (as of May 2014)
Location: Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin, TX

1,500,000 bats, all under this one little bridge. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Well they’re all really friendly, I’m sure, but each night they just get sick of each other and all leave their homes to dine on bugs and stuff. They also help solve crimes and clean up the city’s riff-raff.

Anyhow, they all leave a bit after dusk, and it looks like a huge plume of smoke drifting off to the East. Make sure you check the times on the batcon website because you may be sitting out there for a while, but then again the spots for watching them fill up fast. I’ve seen them exit the bridge closer to the south side, but either view is nice.

And I’m not an expert on bats, but I don’t think they appreciate camera flashes… I could be wrong but I’ll just say here that I appreciate people who don’t use the flash.

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